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Survival 2 Thrival

Go Prepared Into The Wild

Experience Life

"As you build your gear from the land, you may wonder about those who used and relied on these skills. It really puts life into perspective"  Justin Thomas

During this course students will make many of the things they need from natural resources. You'll connect to the past through the skills you learn and get a glimpse of what life was like many centuries ago and gain new appreciation for the things we have.

Do You Want To Learn Primitive Skills?

During the Survival 2 Thrival course students dive into skills that will help them become confident in exploring the wild using less gear and more know-how. 

 Students will build their own fire kits, make their own packs and frames, and learn how to find and procure food using the resources the land provides. We will use what we make to make camp for the night and spend time among beautiful SW Utah. 

Being Prepared

This course is designed to give students the skills and knowledge in order to not hit the internal panic button, but instead remain calm and fall back on the skills learned throughout this course to find your way out and back to safety, or have the skills to stay put and wait for rescue. 


Get In Touch With Your Primal Side!
Learn The Skills To Thrive In The Wild! 


Empower Your Wild Side

Here Is What You'll Learn

It's Allot..

Topics & Skills​ Covered

  • Wilderness Camps & Shelter in the wild

  • Hand drill Fire - Off The Land

  • Water disinfection without a filter 

  • Primitive traps and snares

  • Wild Edible Plants

  • Wild Medicine & Primitive Bottles

  • Natural Cordage

  • Primitive Hunting Tools

  • Land Navigation

  • Primitive Fishing

  • Wilderness Kits & Packs

  • Knife Skills

  • Heat losses and staying warm

"Thanks so much for an amazing weekend! We learned so much more than I thought we would! We will be absolutely be taking more classes from Kyle in the future!"

James Flegal

2024 Course Locations & Dates

  • Spanish Fork Utah - June 20th - 23rd

  • Kanab Utah - August 22nd - 25th 

  • St George Utah - September 26th -29th

Course starts at 9am on Friday and ends at 11am Monday






Private Group 4+

$350 / Per Person

Register For
Survival 2 Thrival

Course Location

By checking the terms and conditions box below you acknowledge that you are registering for the survival 2 Thrival course for 2024. After registering you agree to pay for the course within 24 hours to secure your spot. You acknowledge that photos and videos may be taken during the class by Wilderness Wild and that the photos or videos may be used for advertising or other purposes deemed by Wilderness Wild and its counterparts. 

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