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My Campfire Story

The Story Of Wilderness Wild, & Of Kyle Thomson


It Started Back in 2007...

Kyle began teaching basic wilderness survival skills at the age of 14. Kyle quickly built a reputation as a instructor in his home town. He was hired by local scout troops to teach wilderness survival and run mock survival High Adventure Trips on on Lake Texoma. During this time Kyle Taught friction fire, shelter, primitive hunting and more. 

A Vision For A Dream..

Knowing that Texas lacked the wilderness he wanted to experience he packed up and moved to Utah! Kyle knew that in order to become the instructor he wanted to be and have a school, he needed to live the skills and gain real experience using what he already knew and what he would learn. The first couple years Kyle was in Utah he spent much of his time learning all about the resources available, living and using primitive skills while taking trips into the high mountains or desert with only a knife. It was at this time Kyle found himself thinking of these skills not as temporary, but as a way to live and explore the wilderness confidently!



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Teaching Friction Fire During a 8 Day Work Shift

Wild Opportunities...

While in Utah Kyle sustained a hematoma to his knee. He lost his job as a raft guide and was out of work for months. He spent allot of time learning new skills to overcome his frustration. One day while feeling lost in his direction in life, Kyle was browsing jobs when one stood out. It was a wilderness therapy field guide job in the High Uintas. The job was perfect. It involved teaching and using primitive skills while spending weeks in the wilderness. Kyle applied and got the job. The field staff and directors were impressed with his skill set and ability to teach. Kyle was often asked to train new staff in hard skills. It was during this time as a field guide when he was living half the month in the wilderness that Kyle perfected the use of the bow drill, developed new skills, & used many different skills to live minimal and comfortable. Kyle now knew that ancestral skills were key in exploring the wilderness confidently. 

 In Search Of Names..

Kyle now had the knowledge, skills, and experience he had been striving to obtain. It was time to start teaching as his own school.

While exploring a wilderness area in the high desert in Utah, Kyle made a fire by friction using local materials. He was eating an ash cake admiring the scenery, pleased with his skills to make fire, and obtain his needs. He thought that this was wild! He was living comfortably, exploring with minimal gear, and relying on the wilderness. It was at that moment Wilderness Wild came into being!

The Start Of Wilderness Wild Survival School

In 2018 Kyle started wilderness wild survival school with a particular goal in mind. Create a school for all ages that gets more people outside in nature and teach them valuable wilderness skills. This new school would focus more on using the skills and learn to be confident in the wild with minimal gear through experience. Kyle has taught hundreds of classes and courses since 2018 and been blessed to teach thousands of people from Utah to even students from other countries like the Netherlands, and Ukraine.

Kyle has had a particular interest in teaching families, youth, and teens. There were already many so called survival schools out there, but Kyle quickly noticed that there was a lack of on-going youth based classes and programs. So in 2019 Kyle started Wilderness Wild's first youth wilderness skills program. This program was a huge hit and has now evolved into the Wilderness Skills Intensive Program. 

The Trail From Here..

Wilderness Wild Survival School is increasing in popularity due the the way we teach, what we offer, and the high standard we have to live and use what we teach. 

Our school is now adding new location options to reach more families and youth and to continue to share these skills, give you confidence, and roam wild in the wilderness & Explore With Confidence!

Rachel - Youth Program

"My kids love your classes! They always are excited to come and learn. Thanks for offering this."

Brittany - Wilderness Skills Intensive Program Youth & Family

"I think the boys all are naturally drawn to your calm and laid back energy. My husband was so shocked how much excitement and positive energy my boys had after your class, compared to the previous classes they were in. Henry was out in the yard for several hours messing around with traps when we got home. It’s going to be awesome!"

James - Field Course 2022

"Your class was amazing! You taught us so well and i feel confident in making fire by friction on my own now! Thanks Kyle!"

Simon - 2022 Survival Course

"The Field course was eye opening! Thanks for teaching this course! I'm so excited to used my bundle bow!"

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