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About Us

Get to Know Us

Wilderness Wild was started in 2017 to provide valuable learning opportunities for all ages. Our school focuses on self reliant skills through both primitive and modern skills. 

 We believe in using what we teach, that is why our instructors are the best in the field with loads of time in the bush both using the skills they know and pursuing their passion in wilderness living by learning new skills. 

 Classes and courses are offered across the state and in various terrains. This gives students the ability to learn in different environments for optimal application and use of skills.

Highly Trained & Experienced

Our staff are highly trained professionals who have years of dirt time experience on the field. Each staff who works here has a passion for the outdoors and for sharing wilderness skills. Though each staff has a different background, we all share the common passion for primitive skills.

Live What We Teach

We don't just teach skills. We use them. All our staff live the skills they are teaching you. This gives each of us the ability the give professional tips and tricks in all kinds of environments, weather conditions and terrains. 

Supportive Learning

In classes and courses you will find that our staff have been where you are. They know the struggles as well as the in's and out's of learning these skills. They will be there to give you the best help and know how to assist you in the best way possible. 

The Best In Youth Survival

We are known by many groups and families for our youth specific wilderness skills classes. Our youth survival classes are a special part of Wilderness Wild and what makes us stand out in the survival community. 

Rachel, Ogden - 2018

"My kids love your classes! They always are excited to come and learn. Thanks for offering this."

Brittany - St George 2020

"I think the boys all are naturally drawn to your calm and laid back energy. My husband was so shocked how much excitement and positive energy my boys had after your class, compared to the previous classes they were in. Henry was out in the yard for several hours messing around with traps when we got home. It’s going to be awesome!"

James, Orem - 2022

"Your class was amazing! You taught us so well and i feel confident in making fire by friction on my own now! Thanks Kyle!"

Jadie, Kamas UT - 2023

We are taking classes from Kyle this year and having a blast! Great guy, FULL of info, organized, and patient with the kids. The boys LOVE IT!!!

Simon - Netherlands - 2022

"The Field course was eye opening! Thanks for teaching this course! This was so helpful coming from the Netherlands. I'm glad I made this happen prior to my 3 month backpacking trip! I'm so excited to used my bundle bow!"

Mike - Cedar City UT - 2023

This is a great school that teaches practical skills and the instructors have lots of experience and it shows! 
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