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Base Camp Essentials

Go Prepared Into The Wild
Dramatic Sunset over the Mountains

Learning & Experience

Our Base Camp Course teaches the basics of survival with a main focus on wilderness living skills. 


 This course takes place in  a base camp setting and allows students to learn a wide range of skills in a camp-like setting without the need to camp every night and travel long distances. Students can camp in their shelters they build or bring a tent. Each day will be around 6 hours of instruction, & we will have 1 hour for lunch each day. Students are responsible for their own meals and food, however we will provide water and coffee. 

Rocky Mountains
Being Prepared

This course is designed to give students the skills and knowledge in order to not hit the internal panic button, but instead remain calm and fall back on the skills learned throughout this course to find your way out and back to safety, or have the skills to stay put and wait for rescue. 

Primitve Fire!
Traps & Cordage
Explore With Confidence
Rock Formation

Here Is What You'll Learn

Topics & Skills​ Covered

  • Priorities of survival

  • Wilderness Camps & Shelter in the wild

  • Making fire From the Landscape

  • Water disinfection without a filter

  • Primitive traps and snares

  • Wild Edible Plants

  • Wild Medicine & Bark Bottles

  • Natural Cordage

  • Atlatl & Dart

  • Intro to Land Navigation

  • Primitive Fishing

  • Wilderness Kits & Sling Packs

  • Knife Skills

  • Heat losses and staying warm

"Thanks so much for an amazing weekend! We learned so much more than I thought we would! We will be absolutely be taking more classes from Kyle in the future!"

James Flegal

2024 Course Locations & Dates

  • Altamont Utah - August 15th - 18th

  • Leeds Utah - September 26th - 29th




Youth 13+


Private Group 4+

$450 / Per Person

Private courses with less than 4 students require a materials & travel fee of $80 per student. Groups of 4+ don't require any extra fees.

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Base Camp Essentials

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