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Below you will find the forms and documents to sign prior to any class, course, or program. For private classes & and to finalize a class or course please make sure to provide an email. WE DO NOT BOOK OVER THE PHONE OR TEXT. Email is required.

Cancelation / Refund policy

Wilderness Wild Survival School


Refund Policy - Created 01/20/2020


Cancellations made at least 30 days before workshop, class, course, or start of program will receive a refund minus the percent for fees, supplies, and already assessed costs. Cancellations made less than 30 days before the class, course, workshop, or start of program, will not receive a refund of any kind. 


Clients in programs will receive no refund for missed classes or cancellations by the client on a month to month basis. Clients in Programs who have paid up front for the year or part of the year will receive a partial refund minus the percent for fees, supplies, and already assessed costs. 


We cannot always foresee the weather and so any cancellations due to weather are subject to a partial refund of no greater than 40% of the cost for the day or days being canceled. 


Reschedule Policy


Sometimes we may need to reschedule a class or workshop. Classes and workshops that are being rescheduled on our behalf are subject to our availability. Classes or workshops being rescheduled by anyone other than Wilderness Wild Survival School are also subject to our availability. If you can’t make the reschedule date then a partial refund will be issued according to our refund policy.

For those attending courses that are being rescheduled, you will be added into the same course for the following year at no additional costs.

Canceled classes in our Wilderness Skills Intensive Programs will be re-added into the following year program and clients will be given a class voucher to be used for that class whether they are still in the program or not.

Liability Waiver

Waiver of Liability -  created 01/20/2020


Before attending a program, class or course with Wilderness Wild Survival School, each member of your group must read and agree to the following terms. This form must be signed by each member (or a parent, if under 18 years) and returned to Wilderness Wild Survival School prior to any class, course, or program


  • You and your group specifically agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Wilderness Wild Survival School, and their respective owners, employees, staff, and representatives from any and all loss sustained, or claims made, by you or your group. This agreement applies even if Wilderness Wild Survival School, hosts, camps or their representatives are alleged to have caused the injury, harm or loss.


  • There is an inherent risk in any outdoor activity (hiking, sports, natural wildlife or plant life, survival skills, use of knives, camp fires, etc.) that cannot be entirely removed. By engaging in these activities, you assume full responsibility for any and all consequences. By signing this form you agree that Wilderness Wild Survival School, and its employees will not be held liable for any and all loss sustained or injury claims caused from participation in these activities. This agreement applies even if the School, Camp, or their representatives are alleged to have caused the injury, harm or loss.


  • Your group and or family is responsible for supervision of its members or children. Wilderness Wild Survival School is not a day care service and does not assume responsibility for supervision for your group. Under no circumstances are children under eighteen allowed to attend a class or course without a responsible adult present, unless the parent or guardians have provided a drop off form and the student is over the age of 11 &  attending the Wilderness Skills Intensive Program. Your family and group agrees to the cancellation policy, drop off forms, and other documents or important information listed on our website or in emails provided to you. Wilderness Wild Survival School and its employees can reject a drop off form if they feel the student or staff would be unsafe, or the student requires the need for a parent to participate. All students receive knife safety training, if they do not receive the training students cannot use a knife until the training is complete. By using a knife without the knife safety training, students regardless of age do so at their own risk.  By signing this waiver you and your group assume full responsibility for any and all consequences associated with these activities.


  • You and your group agree to abide by all regulations and rules of Wilderness Wild Survival School. Your group agrees to provide adult supervision of minors (at least 1 adult per 8 minors, and one adult per overnight group). You and your group agree to show courtesy to other students and instructors that may be present. You and your group agree to keep grounds, sites, parks, and wilderness areas clean or pay a cleanup fee assessed by Wilderness Wild Survival School. Please do not litter! You and your group agree to pay for repair or replacement costs for lost or damaged property, wasted materials, or damaged / lost gear provided by Wilderness Wild Survival School. 


  • You and your group agree not to bring alcohol, tobacco, guns, and/or fireworks onto camp property, class sites, or courses unless prior permission was given by Wilderness Wild Survival School, or it’s part of the class or course.


  • Any wild animal (especially an injured one) can be dangerous. Never approach or feed a wild animal.


  • Wilderness Wild Survival School reserves the right to remove from the class, course, or program any person(s) or group that deviate from the above requirements or participate in conduct that is contrary to the safety and rules set by Wilderness Wild Survival School and its staff. No money will be refunded in such a case.


I have read the above, and agree to the terms therein. I agree to abide by all guidelines set by Wilderness Wild Survival School. I release Wilderness Wild Survival School and all its employees from any and all liability connected with my use of the camp.


Please sign and date below. If you do not sign and date prior to the first class, course, or program then by default you agree to the above terms. 


 Family agreement:



Parent Signature


List all family members under 18 years of age covered by this agreement.



Signed / Individual Date



Print Name


If under 18 years of age: 



Parents’ Signature

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