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Wilderness Wild's
Home school Classes!

Our Home school classes offer families and groups the opportunity to design, create, and participate in wilderness survival and primitive living skills classes!

Click here to see an example curriculum outline from past groups! 

Pick Your Class Subjects, Select Your Dates, & Get In Touch With Your Primal Side!

Give your family the outdoor time they deserve while learning valuable skills & making memories.

Brittany, St George UT

"Kyle is one of the best youth teachers I've seen. He has so much patience working with large groups of youth. He cares about all the kids in the class and is amazing at adapting to different student needs!



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Learn From Experienced Instructors!


 We offer the best instructors for your home school classes! Kyle Thomson is a wilderness self reliance instructor with over 15 years of teaching experience! Kyle started teaching back in 2006 in TX. He has lived over half a year in the wilderness and continues to travel and explore the wild places using primitive skills! Kyle relies on his skills and knowledge whenever he sets out into the wild. He truly lives what he teaches.

 Kyle was home schooled growing up and home schools his owns kids. He is very familiar with the needs and aspects of life for home school families. He continues to teach and work with many home schoolers in order to bring wilderness skills classes to more youth and familes here in Utah!



  • Survival Fire Skills 

  • Bow Drill Friction Fire

  • Primitive Traps & Snares

  • Cordage Skills

  • Atlatl & Dart

  • Bundle Bows

  • Cherokee Arrows

  • Flint Knapping

  • Basket Making

  • Primitive Pottery

  • Small Game Processing

  • Blow Guns & Primitive Darts

  • Land Navigation Hike

  • Wikiup Shelter

  • Hide Tanning

  • Shelter and Minimal Camp

  • Primitive Pack Frames

  • Spoon Carving

  • Jerky and Drying Racks

  • Primitive Camp Cooking

  • Wild Edible Plants

  • Wild Medicinal Plants

  • Primitive Fishing

  • Gourd Water Containers

  • Archery Basics

  • Rabbit Sticks

  • Primitive Bow Hunting Shoot

  • Track & Sign

  • Weekend Survival Challenge

  • Bundle Bow Archery Tag

  • Slings

  • Sling Shots

  • Super Shelter (Winter Class) 

  • Snow Shoes (Winter Class

Some classes can be combined for a day class. Other classes may require a full day or multiple days to finish. 

We teach allot of different skills. If a particular skill or class is not listed please contact us to find out if we can offer it. 

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Where are Classes Held?

The unique part of this learning opportunity is we travel to you! Classes are held at local parks, trails, or at a location of your choice. 


Join The Home School Network Forum!

The forum allows families to connect and create group classes and courses!

What Does My Family Need To Bring?

Another great part about the home school courses is that we provide all necessary tools & supplies! Simply bring a chair, notepad, water, and food to class! We even provide bushcraft knives! However, our first class we will go over knife safety and give families information on knives to purchase if they would like to buy their own.


Fill out the form below for registration & then proceed to payment.

*Important* - After filling out the registration form, we will only hold dates for 48 hours awaiting payment. We only book dates that are paid for. Classes must be paid for in full no later than 5 days prior to the first class.

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To secure your dates you are required to register & pay within 48 hours after receiving the registration link via email. Registration and payment must be done 5 days prior to the first class. Any dates that were set up are only held for 48 hours & will become available for anyone to book after that time. Booking Monthly Doesn't Guarantee Dates Of Other Months Not Yet Paid For.

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After finalizing your course you will receive an email with the group or individual Invoice. Click the pay button below and enter the amount shown on the emailed Invoice to pay when prompted.