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Youth & Family Classes!

Currently Booking for 2024!

Space is Filling Fast! Don't Miss Out!

Our home school classes came about when we noticed a drop in youth attending scouting and looking for alternate outdoor programs. We wanted to help families and youth have the opportunity to get out in nature and learn valuable skills. The classes are designed to fit into your school routine and curriculum. We are connected with My Tech High & Harmony Education! We are also exited to soon be linked as an approved vendor with Utah education Fits All! 

Why Survival Classes?

These classes not only teach wilderness living skills, but build confidence and independence in your youth and teens.

 In a world of electronics and online learning, we believe youth need more opportunities where they can be outdoors with friends and family, learning valuable skills that help them grow into the amazing people they are! 

 We know as parents you want that too, that's why so many families have joined the homeschooling classes! Scroll down to learn more!


Families and Groups pick the classes that are most interesting to them and create their own curriculum schedule. We wanted to keep this opportunity affordable, that's why group and family pricing is $320 per family each month & includes supplies & materials! That is a ridiculously low price for some seriously awesome survival classes for the WHOLE FAMILY!

What ages can attend these classes?

These classes are for ages 8-17. We prefer to book ages 8-11 together for younger students, and 12-17 for older students. This keeps the classes moving for everyone and keeps the learning experience fun and engaging. 



Expert Instructors

Our instructors have years of experience in wilderness survival and bushcraft techniques. You can trust that your children will receive top-notch training from industry experts. We prioritize the safety and well-being of our students. Our classes are conducted with proper safety measures in place. Instructors are WFR certified and are always there to provide guidance and support.

Primtive Traps
Bundle Bows
Friction Fire
Step 1.

Choose Your Classes


Pick 6 Classes

  • Survival Fire Skills 

  • Bow Drill Friction Fire

  • Primitive Traps & Snares

  • Cordage Skills

  • Atlatl & Dart

  • Bundle Bows

  • Cherokee Arrows

  • Flint Knapping

  • Basket Making

  • Primitive Pottery

  • Small Game Processing

  • Blow Guns & Primitive Darts

  • Land Navigation Hike

  • Wikiup Shelter

  • Rabbit Sticks

  • Primitive Bow Hunting Shoot

  • Track & Sign

  • Weekend Survival Challenge

  • Bundle Bow Archery Tag

  • Hide Tanning

  • Shelter and Minimal Camp

  • Primitive Pack Frames

  • Spoon Carving

  • Jerky and Drying Racks

  • Primitive Camp Cooking

  • Wild Edible Plants

  • Wild Medicinal Plants

  • Primitive Fishing

  • Gourd Water Containers

  • Archery Basics

  • Slings

  • Sling Shots

  • Super Shelter (Winter Class) 

  • Snow Shoes (Winter Class

Hide Tanning
Wild Plants ID

Step 2.

your Location

Option 1 : No Extra Fee

If you choose to hold classes held within 15 miles of Payson Utah there are no additional costs and we will choose the locations that are ideal for classes. 

Option 2 - Fee required

For classes more than 15 miles from Payson Utah, we charge a .75 per mile travel fee for us to be able to to travel to you. Travel fees can be split between families to lower the costs. This fee is separate from the program tuition. Families or groups using this option are responsible for choosing their class locations.

Step 3.
Choose Your dates & Times

Groups or families are required to book in 3 month intervals. Classes can be scheduled Monday - Friday and do not have to be consecutive months. Please know that these classes are highly sought after and we suggest that you book well in advanced to ensure your spot. We recommend Emailing or calling us to see what dates are open as our schedule changes frequently. 

Booking is for 3 months cycles. Payment is due at registration. 

*We are booked though July 2024, Next availabilty starts August 5th 2024

See Available Dates

Click the button below to find open dates. 

Step 4.
Register below and receive a class outline and confirmation to pay.

See what families are saying about their experience!

Brittany, St George UT

"Kyle is one of the best youth teachers I've seen. He has so much patience working with large groups of youth. He cares about all the kids in the class and is amazing at adapting to different student needs!
Laughing Kids



  • 3 months of classes (Consecutive or Non consecutive)

  • Two 4 hour classes each month

  • Price is per family & cannot be split among groups or other families. (4 Youth & Parents included free)

  • Price includes materials and supplies

Price is for 3 months

(6 classes)

Classes are scheduled for 3 months. Pricing relfects the total 3 months of classes

Waiting on Tution assistance from UEFA, Harmony Ed, or My Tech? 

We require half of the full tuition to book dates and classes. This deposit is non refundable and will go towards the full tuition. 

Already Registered?

Click here to go to payment page.

We Provide All Materials & Supplies!

To help you save on time & costs and remove the stress of finding the right gear, we decided to provide all materials and supplies. This includes tarps, knives, and even ropes/cordage! 

 This gear & supplies can add up in costs for families well over $50 per student, so to help keep costs affordable we charge a monthly fee 0f $20 per family. This fee covers monthly supplies, and helps us keep stocked gear items like para cord, knives, and more for you and your family to use in each class. 

Materials fee: $60 per family. 

Register For Classes

Use the form below to get registered. Payment is due by March 1st 2024.


Would you like to be added to a group text for your home school group?

We may take pictures and videos of classes to use on this website, social media, or for advertising. Do you agree with and are you okay with pictures and videos being taken and used to help other families see the amazing opportunities at Wilderness Wild?

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See Pictures & Videos From Past Classes!

Get a sense of what classes are like!

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