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Create a Custom Class!

We offer private & custom classes for individuals, families, or groups! For availability & to receive a quote for a private class please email us at

Individual Rates

Day Classes 2-3 hours

  • $150 per class Ages 12+

  • Youth 11 & under $75 per class / per student

  • Birthday Party Class (1.5 - 2 hours) $250


  • 12+ $250 per day

  • Youth 11 & under $150 per day

Group Rates

Day Classes 

  • Groups (10 - 20 people) up to 5 hours $750 per class

Large Presentations 1-2 hours 200 People/ Max
  • $350 + an additional $50 per hour

Group Courses 8 Person Max

  • Group 2 day course rate $3,000

  • Group 4 Day Course $6,000

*An additional .62 per mile rate is applied for classes or courses over 15 miles away from Payson Utah*

How to Register

Email the information below to

  • ​Contact Name

  • Contact Email

  • Contact Phone

  • Organization/Business (if applicable)

  • Preferred date(s) of class

  • Hours of class or the timing

  • Number of students

  • Location

  • Is this class or course for adults, youth or both?

  • Please describe the type of class you are looking for & the subjects you would like covered

  • Allergies or medical concerns

Choose From These Subjects & Email Us For Class Details

  • Fire Skills 

  • Bow Drill Friction Fire

  • Primitive Traps & Snares

  • Cordage Skills

  • Atlatl & Dart

  • Bundle Bows

  • Cherokee Arrows

  • Flint Knapping

  • Basket Making

  • Hide Tanning

  • Shelter and Minimal Camp

  • Primitive Pack Frames

  • Spoon Carving

  • Jerky and Drying Racks

  • Primitive Camp Cooking

  • Wild Edible Plants

  • Wild Medicine

  • Primitive Fishing

  • Gourd Water Containers

Message us for additional class subjects.

Pay For Your Custom Class or Course 

15% of the total is required as a deposit to book any private class or course.

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!

Private Class Booking - Important Information

 To book a class or course please make sure to provide an email address. One we set dates you will receive an email with the class confirmation, dates, times, location, and what to bring. You will also receive several forms to sign and return prior to the class. During our busy season (June - August) we recommend following up via email or phone calls with questions regarding your private class. WE DO NOT BOOK CLASSES OR COURSES OVER TEXT MESSAGES. 

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