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The blacksmith manually forging the molten metal on the anvil in smithy with spark firewor



Build It, Use It, Survive

Learn To Forge a Knife, Then Learn to Survive With It!

We are excited to team up with Dan Olsen over at 4D Blades to bring you an exclusive course! 

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Bladesmithing (Full Day)

In the first portion of this course (day 1) we cover the foundational principles of bladesmithing including design, forging, heat treating, and finishing knives. We also emphasize physics, geometry, chemistry, and the history of bladesmithing. All equipment, supplies, and safety gear are provided as part of the class fees. This class goes from 9 AM till 5 PM. It is a full day & is located in Heber Utah. This class is a lot of work & physical labor.

 This class is led by professional bladesmith and guest instructor Dan Olsen of 4D Blades. Dan is a gifted and talented smith. Along with Dan's amazing skills in smithing, he is also a wilderness skills and survival skills instructor, with a wealth of knowledge in wild plants. We are excited to have Dan joining us for this course.

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4D Blades & Tools

Knife Only Survival

Put your knife to the ultimate test and forge your survival skills!


Empower Your Wild Side


3 Days of Knife Only Survival

With the knife the student made, they then will dive into skills that will help them become confident in exploring the wild using less gear and more know-how. 

 Using mainly their knife, students will build primitive fire, make their own shelters, and learn how to find and procure water & food using the resources the land provides. 

 Join us and forge new survival skills in the wild! 

Start Time: 9 am on day 2 of the course

Here Is What You'll Learn

It's A lot..

Topics & Skills​ Covered

  • Shelter & Bedding For Warmth

  • Bow drill Fire - Off The Land

  • Water disinfection without a filter 

  • Primitive traps and snares

  • Wild Edible Plants

  • Wild Medicine & Primitive Bottles

  • Natural Cordage

  • Survival Food Procurement

  • Wilderness Kits & Packs

  • Knife Skills

  • Heat losses and staying warm

"Thanks so much for an amazing weekend! We learned so much more than I thought we would! We will be absolutely be taking more classes from Kyle in the future!"

James Flegal

2024 Course Locations & Dates

This course is currently only offered in Heber Utah. 

First day of the 4 dates is bladesmithing. Days 2 - 4 will be our survival course. 

  • June 6th - 9th      Full!

  • July 18th - 21st     Full!

  • August 1st -4th

Limited Time Pricing

Ages 15+

$650 Per Student

Register For
Forged In Survival

By checking the terms and conditions box below you acknowledge that you are registering for the Knife Only Survival course for 2024. After registering you agree to pay for the course within 24 hours to secure your spot. You acknowledge that photos and videos may be taken during the class by Wilderness Wild and that the photos or videos may be used for advertising or other purposes deemed by Wilderness Wild and its counterparts. 

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