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Shop & Explore Recommended Gear and Kits!

Each item in the gear shop is something that I use or have tested in the field! Some things we sell here and others are links to items we recommend! 

Check out the Wilderness Wild Gear section for exclusive gear sold here!

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Mora Classic 2

Kalinco Hammock Tarp

Stanley Adventure Cookset

Wilderness Wild Gear Exclusives

Primitive Bow Drill Kits
$50.00 Per kit

Each kit includes the following:

•1 juniper bow

• 1 rawhide string

• 2 sagebrush spindles

• 1 extra long juniper root hearth board

• 1 bow drill Friction Cord Necklace with quick adjust beads. (Exclusive with Wilderness Wild Survival School)

• 1 River Stone Socket

• 1 Bag of Juniper Bark Nesting

These kits are harvested from the wild and exactly the same as any kits made on our courses.

These are popular for learning and fine tuning this skill set. You'll be able to use & learn on a kit that is the same as one you would make in the wild. These kits also give a way to base future kits off off. Each kit is made from years of experience and relying on the bow drill for fire. Use this kit to learn and then build your own!

Nomad Fire Kits

Coming Soon

Our Nomad Fire Kits come with self reliance in mind. Designed after our very own personal fire kits, these kits are made with years of experience using these kits in all conditions. So whether your in the desert or on a snowy mountain we got the perfect kit to get your fire going!  

Each kit includes the following: 

  • Metal tin

  • Carbon Steel Striker

  • Char cloth roll

  • Fat wood sticks

  • Juniper bark nesting

  • Lighter with Ranger Band

  • Pine sap

  • Friction Cord Necklace

  • Bow drill bearing Socket

W.W.S.S Ferro Rod Kits
20.00 Per Kit


 Ferrocerium rods are a great tool to add to your kit! They spark when wet or dry and are lightweight and easily fit into your pocket! Don't be without fire! Carry our W.W.S.S Ferro Rod Kit and stay prepared at all times!

What's included: 
• Antler handle
• Steel striker
• Fatwood Tab
• Paracord w/ Wood Bead

These are great to keep in a pocket, pack, or vehicle. Use it camping, hiking, or in an emergency! The fatwood tab can be scraped into small shavings with the striker and added into the nesting for easy ignition in wet conditions.

Lifetime warranty - if it breaks send it back and I'll send you a new one!

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