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Below you will find links to Homeschool classes, Youth and family classes, and more!

Home School Classes and Courses

Get together with your family or With a Group! 

Don't miss out on adding unique wilderness skills classes to your home school program!

Family & Youth
Classes and Courses

Fun & Exciting

Learning Experiences For YOUR FAMILY!


Wilderness Survival and Primitive Skills Classes! 


Part of a School or Organization?

Add our classes or set up a presentation at your school, business, club, or organization. 


DIY Articles - Family Activities

Check out our DIY articles and fun projects you can do at home!

Online Courses!

Follow along and learn from home!

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Visit Our Store

Check out our supply of in stock primitive gear & wilderness self reliance items!

Youth Photo Contest!


Youth Ages 12-17 can enter our online photo contest! The contest is monthly and will feature our favorite photo each month on the home page! Youth are encouraged to get outside and look for that perfect photo while taking time to view nature!

Submit your photos of nature to

Photos must be of only nature or of primitve skills. See examples & rules 

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