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Red Mountain

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  1. Bow Drill Friction Fire >

  2. Hand Drill Friction Fire >

  3. Flint & Steel / Char Materials >

  4. Primitive Pump Drill >

  5. Debris Hut Shelter >

  6. Wikiup Shelter >

  7. Raised Beds & Heated Sleeping >

  8. Super Shelter - Mors Kochanskie >

  9. Paiute Deadfall >

  10. Figure 4 Deadfall >

  11. 2 Stick Deadfall >

  12. Geased Lighting Deadfall >

  13. Spanish Windlass >

  14. Peg Snare >

  15. Burrow Snare >

  16. Platform Snare >

  17. Lever Snare >

  18. Track, Sign, & Trapping Location >

  19. Baits & Lures >

  20. Bundle Bows >

  21. Rabbit Sticks >

  22. Atlatl & Darts >

  23. Making a Bow >

  24. Arrows & Points >

  25. Pitch Glue >

  26. Cordage >

  27. Brain Tanning Hides >

  28. Primitve Hunting & Calls >

  29. Primitive Packs & Frames >

  30. Sinew Processing & Use >

  31. Knapping & Tools >

  32. Celt Axes >

  33. Wild Edibles Plants >

  34. Wild Medicine >

  35. Land Navigation >

  36. Primtive Candles & Torches >


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