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Unlock Your Primal

The forgotten skills that kept our ancestors alive.

These courses provide anyone with the ability to learn wilderness self reliance from the comfort of their home

The wilderness is calling, will you be ready to answer?

Great addition to home school learning!

Class Modules Include

  • Step by step videos with detailed instruction

  • Live class once a week. Watch the video and then tune in for the live class.

  • End of segment recap quiz

  • Q/A with instructors on Wednesdays via online chat or during the live class.

  • PDF field guide with over 80 pages and natural resources guide for learning & locating materials in your area.

  • 24/7 instructor support for help and trouble shooting skills.

  • 10 % off our in person classes and workshops 

  • 20 % off any in person field courses 

  • 10% off online store purchase. (valid for one purchase of $50.00 or more.)

  • Free wilderness living "Wild Food Cook Book"

What's Taught In Each Module?

Read through each module below to find out what is taught.

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Module 1: Core Survival Skills

This Module is focused on learning survival basics and getting out alive... Through the videos and online curriculum students learn how to survive without a tent, sleeping bag, food, or water.  Students will learn survival philosophy and wilderness mindset. By the end of this module students will have what it takes to manage through any survival ordeal. This class contains the foundation of wilderness skills .. Survival Skills.

Module Curriculum Outline:

  • Survival Philosophy & Ideology - Terms & Acronyms 

  • Heat Losses & Maintaining Body Temperature

  • How Heat Loss affects our bodies, fire, and shelters

  •  Survival Shelters

  • Survival fire skills & learning proper fire placement 

  • How fire works... and doesn't work

  • Finding water & ways to carry water when you have no containers

  • Treating wild water & risks of drinking wild water in survival

  • Getting found - Signals & Communicating for rescue

  • Staying put / Self rescue - How to navigate to get out and find help


Module 2: Introduction to Wilderness Living

This Module will take you on a journey into the wild to learn how to navigate live in the wilderness. In this module students will begin to learn how to travel more minimally and use their natural surroundings to fill their needs. During this class we will dive into nature reliance and learn to create fire from the land, procure food, and make lasting shelters.

Module 2 Curriculum Outline:

  • Permanent Long term Shelters, Natural insulation, & Shelter Site Selection

  • Heating A Shelter & The Best Fire Pit Designs For Efficiency 

  • Land Navigation - Map & Compass

  • Land Navigation - Natural Navigation, Making A Compass

  • Friction Fire - Bow Drill

  • Flint & Steel, Making Char Materials, & Finding The Right Rocks

  • Wild Edible Plants Identification & Use

  • Cordage Skills, Using Rawhide For Strings

  • Cordage Skills, Using Natural Plant Fibers

  • Primitive Trapping - Make & Set Primitive Traps

  • Primitive Fishing - Hand Lines, Fish Traps, Primitive Hooks, Gig Spears

  • Bundle Bows & Arrow Making

  • Containers - Wooden Water Containers - Bark Containers


Module 3: Advanced Wilderness Living & Sustainability

This Module will teach students how to rely on whats around them and dive into a nomadic hunter gatherer way of living. You will learn skills like making hunting tools, cordage, primitive lights, wild medicinal plants, pack frames, processing game & fish, flint knapping, and more.

​Module 3 Course Curriculum: 

  • Primitive Pack Frames & Building Blanket Packs

  • Make & Use Hunting Tools From Wild Materials: Rabbit Sticks, Slings, Crossbows, Arrows

  • Atlatls & Darts

  • Introduction To Flint Knapping - Making Stone Tools

  • Identify Wild Medicinal Plants & Their Uses - Make Salves, Smudges, Poultices, & Medicinal Teas

  • Primitive Light - Candles & Torches

  • Small Game Processing - Learn How To Process Small Game For Cooking - Utilize Bones, Hides, & Fur For Tools

  • Processing Fish - How To Clean & Cook Fish A Variety Of  Ways

  • Wilderness Cooking - Making Ash Cakes & Bannock

  • Wilderness Cooking - Pit Baking Meals, Cattail Steam Mats, Drying Racks, Making Jerky


Module 4: Stone Age Living Skills

This Module will take you back in time and teach students how to walk out into the wild with nothing and create tools, build traditional shelters, cook delicious primitive meals, tan hides, and live comfortably using the skills of our ancestors.

Module 4 Course Curriculum

  • Flint Knapping - Knives, Drill Bits, Chisels, Hand Axe's

  • Bone Needles & Awls

  • Hand Drill Fire Kits

  • Gourd Water Bottles & Net Making

  • Grass Thatched Wigwam Shelter

  • Wild Cooking - Wilderness Seasonings

  • Wild Cooking - Creating Meals In The Wild From Wild Resources

  • Brain Tanning - From Fresh Hide To Garment Grade Buck Skin


Module 5: Primitive Living Tools & Crafts

This Module will teach students to craft primitive tools and items. Throughout this class students will learn to make things like traditional bows, celts, bone tools, sewing kits, basketry, pottery and more. 

Module 5 Course Curriculum 

  • Stone Celts

  • Bone chisels and Drill Bits

  • Sewing Needles & Sinew Threads

  • Basketry - Willow Basket Making

  • Basketry - Grass Baskets

  • Primitive Pottery & Paints

  • Harvesting & Processing Sinews

  • Bow Making - Finding A Bow Stave

  • Bow Making - Shaping & Tillering

  • Bow Making - Backing A Bow

  • Bow Making - Bow Strings

  • Cherokee 2 Fletch Arrows

Save Time & Start Learning!

Save time and start learning sooner by adding a supplies box at checkout and have everything you need to start learning today at a Discounted Rate!

What's Included? 

  • Knife

  • Firesteel

  • Tarp

  • 100ft of Para Cord

  • Bankline Roll

  • Compass

  • Steel Bottle

  • Bandanna

  • 4x6 cotton cloth

  • 1 Sinew

  • 1 Roll of Rawhide

  • Pressure Flaker

  • Raw Materials

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I sign up?
When you sign up to the Essential Wilderness Living Skills Course, you get access to all the amazing training videos and accompanying PDF guides… which contain the seven modules of the course… from survival strategieses & mindset, shelter, water, fire, food, navigation, building your kit, and more… as well as the FREE Field guide & Wild Food Cookbook. As soon as you register, you'll receive your login by email.

Who is this course for?
The course is for everyone, not just campers, hikers or backpackers. It is for anyone who wants to know how to go beyond survival and learning to be prepared for emergencies – and become confident in using wilderness skills to live in the wild whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced outdoor enthusiast. This is a great way to add new topics to home school groups, scouting, and more!

Can I fit the course into a busy schedule?
Absolutely. The lessons are split into easy to follow segments, so that you can fit them in between a busy schedule. You get unlimited access for two years so you can come back anytime and pick up where you left off.

Are the lessons inside the course pre-recorded?
All the lessons are pre-recorded and the PDF field guides are downloadable and printable, which means you can go through the course at your own pace. Simply log in and start watching at whatever time suits you best.

What is the cost of the course?
Each course is available for $350  and includes all 5 modules. You can also add the materials supply box for $185 that includes all the class supplies for that module. Free Shipping is included in the U.S. lower 48 for the Supply Box.

Can I get the course as a gift for a friend or family member?
Yes! After signing up, just let us know what name/email to transfer the enrollment to by using our contact us form.

What will I need to watch the lessons inside the course?
To watch the lessons, all you need is an internet connection. You can watch the course on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Free Wild Foods Cook Book

After registering for one of the online courses you will receive our wild foods cookbook. The wild foods cookbook contains information on wild plants and how to identify them. In the cookbook you will learn how to use wild plants to season foods, make flour for bread, make delicious teas, drinks, and more! The cookbook also contains 25 recipes using wild foods. 

When you complete the course, you’ll be awarded with The Essential Wilderness Living Skills Certificate:

  •  Use it to show your credibility with outdoor survival and wilderness skills. 

  • You can put it on your resume to stand out

  • Or simply hang it on your wall & proudly display it to your friends and family.

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How much is the course?

What you’ll discover in the course is invaluable knowledge and skills which could one day save your own or someone else’s life.

By having it online you don’t have to take time off from work to attend one of the in-person courses... additionally you wont have to spend on travel expenses for getting to and from a course location... nor get the supplies and gear for attending a course in person … all of which can add up. 

I want to make the skills accessible to as many people as possible. That's why you can get the Essential Wilderness Living Skills Online Course today for $350. Additionally for $125 you can add a materials supply kit to ensure you have everything to start learning!

This cost is a small price for the peace of mind these skills will give you and the ability to become more self reliant in the wild and at home!

You’ll be able to go into the wild at any time and feel confident knowing you have shelter, food, water, fire, and much more around you.

Register Today!

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