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Uinta Basin Bows is a primitive archery store and resource center for Bows and archery equipment styles used pre 1899 by tribes in the western U.S. Bows and arrows are fully functional and made to be used for hunting and target/competition shooting.

Shop Our Primitive Archery Store


Bow Store

View our available bows and bow kits for sale. Bows and kits are designed after the styles used by western American tribes. 


Arrow Shop

Buy ready made arrows, fletchings, arrow shafts, stone points, and metal trade points


Bow & Arrow Building Supplies

Find everything you need to make and build your own bows, arrows, or purchase the supplies to maintain your primitive bow and arrows. 


DIY Media Resource Center

Watch our videos and follow our channels to learn step by step how to build a bow and primitive arrow from local materials.

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The LOTR Bow Kit!

Get your one of a kind archer kit based off of the LOTR Ranger kit!


Shave Horse Kits & bow Forms

Buy a ready to assemble shave horse kit or buy one of our bow forms to build your own bow.

Why Short Bows?

Short Bows were originally used out west by tribes for 2 primary reasons. They were effective from horseback because of their size and their short draw lengths. The other reason being many of the local materials for bows were either naturally short or difficult to find without twists. The local tribes adapted to their resources and in so doing made shorter bows. 

So why use a short bow today?

Many folks who buy or learn to make short bows from us like the fact that the bow is traditional, easy to pack, and very powerful. Short bows can shoot relatively far, however many customers tell us they shoot no farther than 30 yards when hunting. These bows excel in heavy or dense brush and forest.


Make no mistake!

These bows are not kids bows, though often folks mistake them for such. Each short bow is capable hunting small and large game, can be used for horseback archery competition, or for a pack bow that can be carried easily. 

Our short bows can last a very long time. Depending on what materials the bow is made from you can expect to get 10+ years of heavy use from your bow. 

 Our current research bow that was made 15 years ago is still going strong. The bow is made from osage orange and sinew backed. When first made the bow pulled #54 lbs. After 15 years the bow is pulling #48 lbs. This particular bow was based on the Apache design and has taken all kinds of game in all weather conditions. 


How long do these bows last?

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