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Wilderness Living
4 Day

Go Prepared Into The Wild

Get In Touch With Your Primal Side!
Learn The Skills To Thrive In The Wild! 

Camping Site

We Want You To THRIVE!

 Whether you are skiing the Rockies, hiking Zion, or rafting the Colorado, the fact is, if you spend time in the back country you always run the risk of being in a emergency situation & far from help. At Wilderness Wild we want YOU to have the skills to turn any emergency situation into an unplanned camping trip. 


Learning & Experience

Our Wilderness Living Skills Course teaches the basics of survival with a main focus on wilderness living skills.


 Around our main camp students will gather for instruction, meals, and camaraderie. Each evening students take what they learned back to their own camp and start putting those skills into practice. This provides students with both learning and practical experience.   

Being Prepared

This course is designed to give students the skills and knowledge in order to not hit the internal panic button, but instead remain calm and fall back on the skills learned throughout this course to find your way out and back to safety, or have the skills to stay put and wait for rescue. 


Here Is What You'll Learn

It's Allot..

Topics & Skills​ Covered

  • Priorities of survival

  • Wilderness Camps & Shelter in the wild

  • Making fire From the Landscape

  • Water disinfection without a filter

  • Primitive traps and snares

  • Wild Edible Plants

  • Wild Medicine & Bark Bottles

  • Natural Cordage

  • Atlatl & Dart

  • Intro to Land Navigation

  • Primitive Fishing

  • Wilderness Kits & Sling Packs

  • Knife Skills

  • Heat losses and staying warm

"Thanks so much for an amazing weekend! We learned so much more than I thought we would! We will be absolutely be taking more classes from Kyle in the future!"

James Flegal

2024 Course Locations & Dates

  • Manti Utah - June 1st - 4th

  • Cedar City Utah - July 19th - 22nd

  • Altamont Utah - August 2nd - 5th

  • St George Utah - September 13th -16th

Course starts at 9am on Friday and ends at 11am Monday

Camp Fire

Tuition for this Course is NOW $500 per adult!

You SAVE $150!

Youth Ages 13-17 are welcome on this course. Youth are NOW $250 with a paying adult. 

Teen Ticket

Adult Ticket
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